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Picture Galleries: Messing around with one of her girlfriends

Kristina came over to play for a while on this day as she didn't have much better do, the problem was that Martina Warren was in the middle of a photoshoot, they decided that instead of having her wait around and get bored that they would do the photoshoot together, and get to know each other more intimately.

Picture Galleries: Posing nude by the pool

It was just getting dark in the backyard but that didn't stop our girl from finding some lights to show off her amazing body and her huge natural breasts, she got completely naked before going for a skinny dip in the pool, the neighbours must have loved seeing that sight.

Picture Galleries: Getting down and dirty in the garage

Martina was feeling very horny and wanted to just jump in her car and drive to a deserted place to unleash her passion for this photoshoot, unluckily for her, her parents had taken the car when she went down to the garage and therefore she just had to let it out there and then, fingering herself hard.

Picture Galleries: Giving a view of her landing strip

This is Miss Warren at her best, in some very fine and expensive silk red lingerie she got completely naked for these pictures and showed of the patch of pubic hair that remains after she became shaven, it acts as a landing strip now and she loves to show it off to anyone that wants to see it.

Picture Galleries: Looking elegant in a glamour shoot

Martina Warren is a pretty well known name after she became Penthouse pet of the year for 2005, and she was invited to use a local photographer's studio to do some photo and video sets in, of course she agreed and because of the equipment available she is looking absolutely stunning in these photos.

Picture Galleries: Playing with a big dildo

This is one of the first galleries showing Martina Warren doing penetration ever, you can see the full video inside but in this gallery she plays with one of her favourite big dildos while nude and writhing in ecstasy on her bed clothes, she loved her experience with a new toy.

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